Scrumpy is a female African Spotted Eagle Owl. She was hatched in 1999.

Scrumpy is flown on displays at the centre and also Experience Days. Being the smallest species of Eagle Owl we fly, she is the most active and flies many times to people. We also house a breeding pair of this species at the centre.

In the wild

Origin: Central and Southern Africa and also parts of Saudi Arabia.

Habitat: Open and semi-open woodland with shrubs and bushes, mostly with sparse ground cover and savanna with thorny bushes and scattered trees. Also semi-desert, as in the Kalahari but avoids dense rainforest.

Diet: Larger insects (e.g. beetles) and other arthropods (including spiders and scorpions), small mammals, birds and reptiles are the favourite prey. Has been recorded taking a Lanner Falcon and locally specialises in catching bats.


LENGTH: 45cm

WEIGHT: 550-730g


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