(Falco femoralis)

'App' was hatched in 2011 and arrived at the centre in September 2011. She was bred in Spain. 'App' would not fly to the lure, only to the glove, so she was used on Experience Days and at Outside Events.

We then had an unrelated male 2012 who flew and chased the lure (swung leather pad) in the traditional way a falcon is flown.

Both of these birds have been paired up in an aviary and will hopefully breed in the future. The pair are housed off public display.

In the wild

Origin: The Aplomado Falcon is found throughout Central and South America and extends into southwestern United States. 

Diet: Birds, large insects, some small mammals, (including rodents and bats) and few reptiles. More than most falcons, a pair will work in tandem (in one study of chasing birds there was a success rate of 45% for the pair, compared with only 21% when one falcon hunted alone).

Habitat: Mainly open country, including savanna grasslands, scrub, cactus desert and marshland with scattered trees. Also found in in areas of lowland agriculture to high Andes, and sometimes in small woods and plantations, but not extensive forest.

Conservation: Aplomado Falcons had declined in America. They have been captive bred and released at various sites to the southern USA and northern Mexico by the Peregrine Fund.


LENGTH: 35-45cm

WINGSPAN: 76-102cm

WEIGHT: 220-430g


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