(Bubo bengalensis)

'Bazil' is a male Bengal (or Indian) Eagle Owl. He was hatched in 1996.

Bazil is one of our big characters. Over the years Bazil has discovered it is easier to walk than fly as it requires less effort! He takes his time at flying on Experience sessions, but it means people never have a problem taking a good photograph of him!! He is a very well travelled owl and attends many outside displays and educational talks throughout the year.

In the wild

Origin: Throughout India, most of Nepal and parts of Pakistan (absent from Sri-Lanka). 

Habitat: Varied, from semi-desert to woodland, but areas such as rocky hills with bushes, steep earth banks, wooded country with ravines, old mango orchards near human settlements, semi-deserts with rocks and thorny bushes.

Diet: Primarily field rats and mice, but also birds (up to the size of peafowl), reptiles, frogs, crabs and large insects.

This species used to be classfied as a sub-species of the Eurasion Eagle Owl, but according to vocal patterns and DNA evidence it has been made a full species.


LENGTH: 50-56cm 
WEIGHT: 990g - 1.6kg

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