(Geronatus melanoleucus)

A new bird for 2011 was "Blue" a Chilean Blue Buzzard-Eagle. She was bred in Holland and hatched on 9th March 2011. She arrived at the centre at the end of May 2011 and commenced her training. It can take many years for some of the larger birds to achieve their full potential, but Blue is now an established part of our Flying & Display team, flying at the Centre and travelling out to shows all over the country.


Also known as Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle.

Origin: South America: Length of the Andes and accross various other parts of the southern half of South America.

Diet: Chiefley smaller mammals but also birds, nestlings, snakes, lizards, carrion and insects. Mammals include rabbits, cavies, skunks and grey fox. Mainly hunts in flight, by circling or long flying transects, sometimes hanging in the wind or, more rarely, hovering and dropping to the ground.

Habitat: Thin dry woodlands, savanna, grasslands, dunes, semi-desert scrub and open hills. Commonest on steep and rocky uplands, broken mountain slopes with canyons and adjacent steppes.


LENGTH: 60-76cm

WINGSPAN: 149-184cm

WEIGHT: 1.7-3.2kg


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