(Buteo buteo)

'Bo' is a female Common Buzzard and is currently 29 years old. 
She used to be flown at the centre but is now retired to an aviary. Many years ago 'Bo' was part of the opening credits of Countryfile on BBC, but after 2 years she was replaced by a butterfly.


In the wild

The Common Buzzard is one of the most visible birds of prey in the UK. Often seen circling on thermals and wind currents. In the last 20 years they have made a dramatic comeback. There is a wild pair that breed just behind the centre.

Origin: Very widespread species, being found from Iberia to China. 

Diet: Rabbits, smaller mammals, insects and especially carrion. They will occasionally catch birds.

Habitat: Varied mix of tree-covered and open ground, most typically forest edge and small woods.

There is high variation in plumage colouration of individuals, from very light to dark.


LENGTH: 40-52cm

WINGSPAN: 109-136cm

WEIGHT: 427g - 1.36 kg


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