(Falco tinnunculus)

'Buzz' is a new addition to the centre for 2010. He has been hand raised and is one of the birds we can use on our half day experience sessions. He is also  used for Outside Events, especially our indoor educational displays in schools.

In the wild

The Common Kestrel is the third most common species bird of prey in the UK. They are very often seen hovering in the sky- especially along motorways as the verges are undisturbed and therefore plently of prey lives there. 

Origin: Throughout Europe, parts of Asia and Africa.

Diet:  Wide variety, mostly small mammals (especially voles), small birds, reptiles, insects, also earthworms and amphibians occasionally. 

Habitat: Wide variety from open (e.g semi-desert) to enlcosed (e.g woodlands). Typically: parklands, woodland edge, moorland, cultivation, grassland, wetlands. Also now in urban areas and especially visible on motorway verges where narrow grassy stripes provide good hunting.


LENGTH: 27-35cm
WINGSPAN: 57-79cm
WEIGHT: 136-314g

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