'Copper' is a female Golden Eagle and arrived at the centre in May 2006, shortly after a male Golden Eagle, 'Bronze'. In 2012 another male Golden Eagle was added to our collection.

'Bronze' is one of flying birds and is often used at Outside Events and our educational visits to local schools.

'Copper' was hatched in captivity at a bird of prey centre in Germany in 2001. 'Bronze' was hatched in captivity in Slovakia in 2004, and the new male was also bred in Slovakia in 2009. The new male and 'Copper' have been paired up at the end of 2013 and are getting on well and, fingers crossed, may breed in years to come.

In the wild

Origin: Golden Eagles come from throughout the Northern Hemisphere (North America, Europe and Asia). They are native to Scotland where there are over 400 pairs. 

Diet: Mainly medium-sized mammals (ranging in size from voles to rabbits, hares, to occasionally small deer and fox cubs), birds (Grouse (Ptarmigan), seabirds, waterfowl and corvids (crow family)), sometimes reptiles and occasionally amphibians, fish and even insects. Carrion is also a large part of the diet, especially in the winter.

Habitat: Wide range of essentially open habitats, typically mountainous but also flat, always more or less undisturbed and ranging from cold north to hot south.

The Golden Eagle is probably the most well known species of eagle in the world. They are often regarded as the largest raptor in the UK, but in fact are the second largest. The slightly larger White-tailed Sea Eagle has been reintroduced to the western isles of Scotland since 1975.

Golden Eagles have suffered from persecution in the past that led to widespread declines in the 19th century. The populations have now more or less recovered in most areas across their vast range.


LENGTH: 66-90cm

WINGSPAN: 180-234cm

WEIGHT: 3.0 - 6.5 kg


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