We currently house four Lanner Falcons. Both the males have been flown at the centre and at shows, two females were acquired in 2013. One of the males and a female have been paired up off public display for breeding; the second female has been paired up with a male Peregrine falcon, also for breeding. The final male, Spec, is on public display and is being trained for flying displays.  

In the wild

Origin: Most of Africa (absent from rainforest) and the southern parts of Europe (mostly Italy, Greece and the Balkans).

Diet:  Primarily small and medium-sized birds, also small mammals (rodents and bats), insects and locally reptiles 

Habitat: Mostly open, especially dry country, such as: desert, semi-desert, canyons in barren uplands, open and lightly wooded savannah and other grasslands, also forest edge and open woodlands.


LENGTH: 39-48cm

WINGSPAN: 88-113cm

WEIGHT: 430-910g


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