'Aurora' joined the team in 2012. She was bred by one of the falconers and has been hand-raised from  the age of 10 days old. 

She is an excellent flying bird and is used for many different things at the centre, such as Owl Evenings and other Experience Days, Educational Talks and Outside Events.

Aurora got her name from Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights!

In the wild

The Northern Hawk Owl has very long tail, with long pointed wings and is similar to a Common Kestrel in flight and often hovers.

Origin: They are found throughout the boreal zones of Eurasia, from Norway, Sweden and Finland east to Siberia to Kamchatka and Northern China; boreal North America from Alaska east to Ladbrador.

Diet: Small mammals (mainly lemmings and other voles) make up majority of diet; also takes small birds, frogs and even fish. Weight of prey usually below 70g. Often hunts from exposed perches and flies straight line in rapid wingbeats and open-winged glides; hovers over open places.

Habitat: Open boreal coniferous forest with clearings and moors in lowlands or mountains. Hunts in semi-open country with scattered trees.


LENGTH: 36-41cm

WEIGHT: 299-345g


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