"Riot", a male Peregrine falcon, joined the team in 2012. He was raised by his parents and arrived at the centre at around 8 weeks old. He gets his name from the loud noise he makes when he gets excited - usually when there is food around. He was originally trained to fly to a quad-copter to teach him to gain height, but had to be re-trained to the lure as he kept crashing the quad-copter, making it unsafe for display work!   

In the wild

The Peregrine is the fastest recorded animal in the world. In a stoop (the dive), a Peregrine can reach over 200mph.

Origin: Worldwide distribution (except Antarctica) 

Diet: Almost entirely birds from warblers and tits to geese and grouse. Occasionally local or individual specialisation on mammals or even reptiles. Worldwide over 1000 species of birds recorded as prey.

Habitat: Varied ,but usually needs inaccessible vertical faces for nesting and prefers open country for hunting. Mostly uses inland and costal cliffs, but more locally cities with high buildings.

A number of pairs of Peregrines are now breeding in UK cities, e.g. Birmingham, Derby, Bristol and London.

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