Spike joined the centre in 2007. He is captive bred and two of his siblings are residents at the Tower of London. He is completely different to the other birds at the centre, but he is a distinctive member of the team and quite a mischievous character. He can mimic, often calling out "Y'alright Spike" to the staff and visitors to the centre, or simply calling out "Spike" in an attempt to get food or treats!

In the wild

The Raven is a native British bird and the largest member of the corvid (crow) family.

Origin: Northern hemisphere: North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Diet: They are omnivorous and diet will vary with location and season. They are mostly scavengers but also eat plant food and prey on invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and birds.

Habitat: From Arctic through temperate areas to desert. They prefer wooded areas, with large expanses of open land nearby, or coastal regions for their nesting sites and feeding grounds.

Ravens have among the largest brains of any bird species. For a bird, they display ability in problem-solving, as well as other cognitive processes, such as imitation and insight.


LENGTH: 56-69cm

WINGSPAN: 115-130cm

WEIGHT: 690g - 1.6kg


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