We house a pair of Red-tailed Hawks (also known as the Red-tailed Buzzard). These are a breeding pair and are housed in an aviary on view to the public.

In 2016, the breeding pair successfully reared a male and a female chick. The male, "Kuzco", joined the flying and display team at the centre, while the female went off to another falconry centre.

The Red-tailed Hawk is commonly used for Falconry in the UK. They are slightly larger than the Harris Hawk and therefore more powerful. They are used for catching rabbits, hares and pheasants.

In the wild

The Redtailed Hawk is the North American version of our native Common Buzzard.

Origin: Widspread throughout North America and northerns parts of Central America.

Diet: Mainly small to medium-sized mammals, with fewer birds, some reptiles and amphibians; carrion also taken. Mammals form over 80% of diet, chiefly rodents but also many rabbits and hares. Also been recorded patrolling cave entrances at dusk and catching bats as the emerge.

Habitat: Wide variety of habitats, from closed to semi-open and open. Inhabits dense forest and woodland, as well as farmland, prairies and other grasslands and deserts. Occurs from lowlands to mountains also occurs in rainforest in Central America. Readily enters villages and towns and evens nests in urban areas.


LENGTH: 45-58cm

WINGSPAN: 107-141cm

WEIGHT: 900g - 1.45 kg


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