We currently house a breeding pair of Ruppell's Griffon Vultures that hatched their first baby on 12th March 2014. Hopefully these will succesfully breed for many years to come. 'Nip' the male has been resident at the centre for around 10 years and used to go to Outside Events. The female is named 'Tuck' and arrived at the centre in 2012.

The pair of Ruppell's Vultures laid on the 21st January 2013. The egg failed to hatch, they laid another egg but abandoned it (we think because they knew it was infertile). For 2014 breeding the pair were brilliant parents with both the male and female taking turns at incubating their precious egg. Incubation took 55 days with the baby fledging at 4 1/2 months old. In 2015 halfway through incubation period the pair had a fight on the nest and ended up breaking the egg, they did lay again about 6 weeks later but the egg was infertile. In future seasons we will take the egg away and artificially incubate it and hand rear the chick. We will then leave them with a second egg that should be laid a few weeks later and hopefully hatch and rear it themselves.

In the wild

Origin: Central Africa: endemic to relatively narrow belt of arid sub-Saharan Africa.

Diet: Carrion: intestines and softer flesh of mainly large dead mammals. Can eat up to 1.5kg (3lbs) of meat in one sitting.

Habitat: Dry open country: cliffs and gorges essential for nesting and roosting. Also forages in open savannah, thornbush and subdesert; even when gorged seldom roosts in trees. Generally avoids human settlements.

Generally regarded as non-migratory but can forage 150-200km from base. Is a colonial breeder from tens to hundreds of pairs breeding and roosting together.


LENGTH: 85-97cm

WINGSPAN: 226-255cm

WEIGHT: 6.8 - 9.0g


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