Tosca is a female Steppe Eagle and arrived at the centre in January 2007. She was bred in Scotland in 2001. After allowing her to moult (change her feathers) through the summer of 2007, she was trained and used to be one of the eagles flown by people on our 'One Day Bird Handling Experience' and was flown at Outside Events. However, in 2016, a male Steppe Eagle called Boris arrived at the centre, so he and Tosca were moved into an aviary together. They are now on public display and it is hoped that they will become a successful breeding pair.

In the wild

The Steppe Eagle is smaller than our native Golden Eagle.

Origin: Breeds in central Asia, migrates to Africa and India in the winter.

Diet: Small to medium-sized mammals, some birds and reptiles, insects (mostly in the winter) and frequently carrion. Some birds when in Africa follow the rains and are present when the termites emerge, these form a large part of the diet.

Habitat: Breeds in open dry country, typically steppe, flat plains, arid grasslands and semi-desert. In winter, inhabits mostly grassland and savannah in Africa, but in south Asia seems to prefer more wooded areas


LENGTH: 60-81cm

WINGSPAN: 165-214cm

WEIGHT: 2.5 - 4.9 kg


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