"Chris" is an American Turkey Vulture who joined the Centre in 2012. He flies on displays and for handling experiences, but on sunny days he much prefers sunbathing with his wings outstretched to flying! Being a larger bird, Chris can sometimes be nervous, but he is also mischievous, and likes to peck at the feet of the falconers to try to get food and attention. He gets his name from the eponymous Christmas Turkey; Turkey Vultures were so-called because of their passing resemblance to the wild fowl of the same name.

In the wild

Origin: North, Central and Southern America and Caribbean Islands.

Diet: Carrion. The Turkey Vulture has been proven to have an olfactory sense, and can smell rotting meat in forests.

Habitat: Mainly open country


LENGTH: 62-76cm

WINGSPAN: 160-182cm

WEIGHT: 0.9-2.0kg


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