'Daisy' joined the team in early 2008. She flies for display at the centre, and is one of the main display birds at our Outside Events - especially the Living Heritage Country Shows that we attend. She is also used on our Large Raptor experience as one of the vultures that people can feed and handle.


The white-headed vulture gets its name from the white down-covered area on the top of its head. The cheeks and throat area are bare skin and can be pink or red depending upon bird's state of excitement. The bill is also reddish separated by a blue cere. What purpose is served by this mix of colours is one of many unanswered questions about this unusual vulture.

Origin: Africa: sub-Sahara, widespread but generally scarce to uncommon.

Diet: Mainly carrion, but also eggs, birds, insects and possibly small mammals.

Habitat: Savannah, thornbush and lightly wooded grassland, but also forages in open country, including sub-desert.


LENGTH: 72-82cm

WINGSPAN: 207-223cm

WEIGHT: 3.3-5.3kg


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