Exclusive Bird Handling Experience Sessions

Our fantastic range of experiences can also be booked as private sessions! Exclusive to you and your group, these private sessions are perfect for family gatherings, parties, team building exercises and special celebrations. Within the grounds of our visitor centre, you and your group can experience the thrill of handling and flying a selection of our magnificent birds of prey. Each experience is set out in detail below, so you can easily choose the one which best suits your group and requirements. If you need any further assistance or to enquire about booking a date, please telephone us on 01562 700014.

Exclusive Children's Hour - £160 (Up To 8 Participants)

This one-hour session allows children (7-15 years) the chance to learn a little about these birds while holding and flying some of them. This session has been designed specifically for children and will be exclusive for your group of up to 8 children - perfect for parties or special events. They will start by flying some of our smaller birds to build up their confidence. They will fly at least five different birds of prey such as kestrels, owls and hawks though we never guarantee exactly which birds will be used on the experience. After the experience they are free to walk around the centre and see the rest of our birds.

One adult will be admitted free of charge with each child participating in the Experience. At least one adult must be present in the flying arena to supervise the children during the Experience. Only Children participating in the experience will be permitted into the flying arena; any other children present must remain outside the arena and must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Exclusive Owl Hour - £160 (Up To 8 Participants)

Our Exclusive Owl Hour Experience allows your private group to get up close and fly these beautiful birds at the end of centre's day. Suitable for groups of up to 8, this experience is perfect for family events, team buildings and special celebrations. After a short introduction and briefing as how to hold and fly the owls you will fly at least 5 different species of owl. The owls flown are from a selection of: Little Owl, Chaco Owl, Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Snowy Owl, Long-eared Owl, Asian Brown Wood Owl and different species of Eagle Owls (we can never guarantee which species will be flown on each session).

The owl hour experience commences at 4.30pm, but arrival at 4.15pm is recommended.

Minimum Age: This experience is recommended for aged 10 and upwards, but if you wish to include younger children in your group then this is at your discretion. However, please be aware that some of our birds are not suitable for flying to small children.  

Any other relatives or friends wishing to be watch the experience will be charged the normal admission price to The Falconry Centre on arrival.

Exclusive One Hour Birds of Prey Experience - £160 (Up To 8 Participants)

Designed for families and small groups, this experience session is suitable for up to 8 people. Exclusive to your group, it is perfect for parties, family gatherings, team events and other celebrations. Available all year around, book an hour with us for an unforgettable session with a variety of birds of prey. After a short introduction, you will be taken onto our flying arena where your group will handle and fly at least five different birds of prey, and although we never guarantee exactly which birds will be flown these will be from a selection of kestrels, owls and hawks.

You can book up to 8 people on to the session. Any other person wishing to present to watch the experience will jut pay normal admission price and will be able to observe from just outside the flying arena. 

This experience is recommended for age 7+, but if you wish to include younger children this is at your discretion. However, please note that some of our birds will not be suitable for flying to younger/smaller children and we reserve the right to determine whether or not it is safe for a child to participate in the experience. 

The start/finish time of this experience can be flexible, subject to availability.

Exclusive Half Day Bird Handling Experience - £300 (Up To 8 Participants)

This Experience gives you the chance to handle and fly a number of different species of birds of prey and owls at the centre. Exclusive to your group, this experience is perfect for family gatherings, team-building events and special celebrations. Designed for up to 8 people, you can spend the morning flying and handling an impressive selection of birds of prey. 

After tea/coffee, your group will be given a guided tour of the centre where they will see a large variety of species from the small Kestrel to the large and impressive Eagles and Vultures; they will also be encouraged to ask the falconer any questions. They will then fly at least 6 birds in the arena at the centre, as we regularly change the species of birds flown each day we cannot say exactly which birds they will fly but is from a selection of kestrels, owls, hawks, and other birds of prey. The Exclusive Half Day finishes with the opportunity to fly and/or handle one of our smaller Eagles.

The Half Day Bird Handling Experience usually commences at 10.15 with tea/coffee and biscuits and finishes at 1pm. Afternoon sessions from 3pm until 5:45pm may be possible upon request for Exclusive groups, subject to availability.

MINIMUM AGE: We recommend this Experience session for those aged 13 and upwards. If you wish to include younger members in your group this is at your discretion, but please be aware that some of our larger birds, especially the eagle, will not be suitable for flying to younger children.

OBSERVERS: Any relative or friend wishing to be present for the duration of the experience will be classed as an "Observer" for which a charge of £12.50 per person will be made. This will entitle him or her to accompany the Participants at all times and includes tea/coffee. Observers can be paid for in advance or on the day of the experience. Please note that Observers must be at least 13 years old for this Experience in order to be permitted into the flying arena.

Exclusive Eagles & Vulture Experience - £325 (Up To 4 Participants)

Our Eagles & Vulture Experience gives people the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the largest and most powerful birds of prey and owls at the centre. After a short introduction, your group of up to four people will start by flying at least one bird of prey to learn how to handle and fly these birds. They will then move up to fly and/or handle a minimum of four Eagles before being allowed to feed and/or handle one of our extraordinary Vultures. Participants will have the chance to ask the falconer questions throughout the experience, and will learn more about these magnificent birds from their experienced and knowledgeable handlers.

The Eagles & Vulture Experience commences at 3:00pm and finishes at 4:30pm. It will only be available from 1st February until 30th November each year.

Please note: The Eagles & Vulture Experience session will have less Participants than any of our other experiences - it is limited to maximum of 4 people flying the birds. Observer places are strictly limited for this part of the experience. Observers may accompany the Participant at all times. However, any other person wishing to be present for the experience must pay the normal visitor admission charges, but will not be permitted to join the guided tour/introduction and will not be permitted to enter the flying arena or vulture aviaries.

Minimum Age: Participants and Observers must be at least 18 years old. Please note that due to the size and weight of the birds involved in this experience, participants must have a good degree of physical fitness and mobility. It will involve flying birds up to 10lbs (5kg) in weight onto your outstretched left arm and going into aviaries. We regret that this experience is not suitable for wheelchair users; we therefore recommend the Half Day Bird Handling Experience on its own as an alternative for anyone who feels this experience may not be suitable for them.

Exclusive Combined Half Day + Eagles & Vulture Experience - £475 (Up To 4 Participants)

The Combined Bird Handling Experience is the perfect opportunity to spend a day flying and handling a variety of birds of prey, such as kestrels, owls, hawks, eagles and even holding and/or feeding a vulture. Combining our popular Half Day Bird Handling Experience and our incredible Eagles and Vulture Experience (as detailed above)into one day, this is your chance to purchase an exclusive, unforgettable day for up to 4 people.

The Half-Day Bird Handling Experience commences at 10:15 and finishes at around 1pm. 

The Eagles and Vulture Experience commences at 2:30pm and finishes at around 4:00pm. 

There will therefore be a break of around 1.5 hours for lunch and to allow you to look around the aviaries and/or watch the daily flying display from 1pm (weather permitting). Refreshments are available from the café in the Webbs Garden Centre, or you may wish to bring a packed lunch to take advantage of our outdoor picnic area. Otherwise, there are several pubs and restaurants within a few minutes drive of the Centre. 

The Combined Bird Handling Experience is available for booking from 1st February until 30th November each year. The Age restrictions set out in the Eagles & Vulture Experience will apply, as detailed above. 

Terms & Conditions apply - please Click Here to view. Purchase of any Experience or Sponsorship package confirms understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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Frequently asked questions about our Bird Handling Experiences

How often do you run the Experiences and far ahead do I need to book a date?

Most of our experiences are run all year through, subject to availability. The Eagles & Vulture and Combined Bird Handling Experiences are available to purchase all year around but can only be booked from 1st February until 30th November each year. During this period, it is available on various days to suit demand (weekend and weekdays). We operate on a first-come, first serve basis for all dates. To book a date we generally say as far in advance as possible, but occasionally we can accommodate people at short notice if places are available. Weekend dates are the most popular and can book up very quickly at certain times of the year. To book a date please call us on 01562 700014 during visitor centre opening hours.

I have paid on-line, how long does it take to receive the voucher?

We will email the voucher to you within 2 days of the payment. If you have requested a printed voucher, please allow at least 7 days for delivery.

How do I book a specific date when I pay for the voucher?

Unfortunately there is no way to book a date online, so if you wished to book a date when you purchase the experience, please call us to pay and book the date. If you prefer not to pay by card over the phone then you can arrange the date with us over the phone first and then pay online above.

How many participants are in a group?

We limit the number of Participants on our Experiences. Please see the individual experience descriptions for full details.

Can we take photographs?

Participants on our bird handling experiences are welcome to bring their own camera/ video cameras to take photographs during their time with us. Flash is also not a problem for the birds.

What happens if the weather is bad on the date of my experience?

We will run the experiences in most weather conditions, but we also want you to enjoy your experience. If the weather is predicted to be bad before your booked date, you can rearrange a new date.

Terms & Conditions apply - please Click Here to view. Purchase of any visitor's entry ticket, Group Visit, Experience, Sponsorship package and/or booking of any Outside Event confirms understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.