On the 1st May 2010 we hatched a chick, from our breeding pair, in the incubator. He has been named 'Woody' and photographs of his development are below. Woody was hand-raised and is part of our flying team at the centre. He is used for our daily displays at the centre and on experience sessions, especially our Owl Handling Evening Experiences. 

hatching.JPG hatched.JPG
Woody Hatching Woody just hatched
14_days.JPG 22_days.JPG
Woody at 14 days old Woody at 22 days old
35_days_old.JPG 6_weeks_old.JPG
Woody at 22 days old Woody at 6 weeks old

As a species of owl that lives in forests and is nocturnal, they have massive large eyes to let light in for their eyes to work. This species is not very common in captivity in the UK, and are related to our slightly smaller native Tawny Owl.

In the wild

Origin: The species originates from the southern parts of Asia (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia).

Habitat: They are strictly a forest species, frequenting tropical forest along the sea-coast.

Diet: Small mammals, such as rats, mice and shrews and small birds and reptiles.

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