(Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

We currently house 3 Bald Eagles at the centre. We have a pair that are housed off public display. 'Ellie' and Murphy' were both hatched in 2007 and were flown at the centre until they were paired up for breeding in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 they laid eggs but they were infertile, so we are hoping for greater success in the future.

In April 2015 we got a new Bald Eagle named 'Orn'. We started working for a clothing company called Orn. Their logo is a Bald Eagle and they really wanted one to be their real live mascot. 'Orn' was hatched in Germany in 2002 and has previously been flown. He has proved to be an exceptional bird and used on promotions in different venues for Orn Clothing (NEC, ExCel and Pride Park) He has also flown in Orn Clothing's warehouse for their promotional video.

When 'Orn' is not being used for promotional work, he attends many shows and displays throughout the UK, visits local schools and is currently the largest bird that participants may fly on the One Day Bird Handling Experience (please note he is not always used).

In the wild

Origin: North America and Canada and northern parts of Mexico.

Diet: Prefers fish (live and dead) and carrion, but also catches birds (mainly waterfowl and seabirds) and to lesser extent, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.  

Habitat: Breeds near water: coasts, estuaries, rivers, lakes with preference for areas with large trees overlooking water. In winter, usually near water but also in forests and even desert-like areas.

The birds in more northern parts of their range migrate and during the winter can occur in large communal roosts in tall trees in wind-protected valleys.

The Bald Eagle is the U.S national emblem. The British equivalent is the slightly larger White-tailed Sea Eagle which has been reintroduced to the western isles of Scotland since 1975.

Species Factfile

LENGTH: 70-90cm

WINGSPAN: 180-230cm

WEIGHT: 2.5 - 6.3 kg


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