'Pip', our Little Owl was hatched in July 2014. He is flown on our displays at the centre, but is regularly used on our Bird Handling Experiences, especially the Owl Hour session. He occasionally visits schools and some of our Outside Displays but he is more confident at the centre. He regularly supplements his diet that we provide, with worms that he spots while on the flying arena.

In the wild

The Little Owl is the smallest species of owl in the UK. They are in fact not a truely native species, as they were introduced to this country from Europe in the 1890s to an estate in Bedfordshire. They have since spread and are now the second most common Owl species behind the Tawny Owl

Origin: The Little Owl is found throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Diet: Insects, primarily beetles and grasshoppers, other arthropods, small reptiles and frogs, small mammals and birds, as well as earthworms.

Habitat: Open country with groups of trees and bushes, pastureland with scattered trees, orchards with old fruit trees, parkland and edges of semi-open woodland. Locally near human settlements with surrounding cultivated land with trees, very often seen perched on fence posts.

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