Moss is a male Snowy Owl and is one of our flying owls. He hatched at the centre on 2004 and is now used during the winter months for experiences- especially the Owl Handling Evenings. As it is too hot for an Arctic owl to fly in the summer months he stays in his aviary and moults (changes) his feathers.

We also house a breeding pair (Moss' parents) at the centre.

In the wild

Origin: The Snowy Owl originates from around the Arctic Circle, but they are occasionally seen in the UK, mostly in the far north.

Diet: They catch small mammals, mainly lemmings. As the population of lemmings fluctuates from year to year, the owls somehow can tell how many are around and lay a clutch of eggs accordingly. In a poor lemming year a pair may lay no eggs, in an abundant year around 10 could be laid.

Habitat: Artic regions are devoid of trees so they are restricted to the tundra areas.

The male is mostly pure white (does have a few black markings), whereas the female is very heavily marked.


LENGTH: 53-66cm

WEIGHT: 1.5- 2.9 kg


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