'Carrie' was acquired by the centre in 2008, due to the loss of her breeding mate. She was captive bred in the UK in 1997. She was used as a flying bird at the centre and displays. She was paired up with a male, "Fetch", who joined the centre in 2009. Fetch and Carrie got on well but showed no interest in breeding. As such, in 2016, a new female was brought in for Fetch and they are now housed off-show in the hopes that they will breed.

Carrie has returned to flying at the centre and for display work, which she excels at.

In the wild

The Tawny Eagle is smaller than our native Golden Eagle but is very similar to the Asian Steppe Eagle.

One distinguishing feature is the Tawny Eagle has a smaller gape (mouth) than the Steppe Eagle.
Origin: Africa and India: in Africa mostly sub-Saharan and in India, Nepal and south and eastern Pakistan.

Diet: Small to medium-sized mammals, some birds and reptiles, insects (mostly in the winter) and frequently carrion. Some birds when in Africa follow the rains and are present when the termites emerge, these form a large part of the diet. They are in fact particularly versatile birds of prey, scavenging and pirating when they can, and hunting when they cannot. In Kruger National Park Tawny Eagles have been observed harassing Bateleurs to the extent that they succeed in pirating about one fifth of the Bateleurs' prey. As Tawny Eagles are partly scavengers, they often become victims of poisoned baits used routinely in carnivore control.

Habitat: Open country in both lowlands and uplands, mostly in drier areas: typically wooded savannah, dry acacia savannah, semi-desert and desert areas, open plains with scattered trees and cultivation. In India, in similar habitats, but is also often found in the vicinity of villages and slaughterhouses.

There are three sub-species of the Tawny Eagle, two in Africa and the Indian race. However all sub-species are polymorphic (many different colour phases). Some are darker and some are very pale.

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