We have three possible options that we can offer you for a private display:

Static Display and Bird Handling Experience

We will start with a static display so your guests can view and become acquainted with the birds and able to take photographs of them. We will then allow your guests the chance to hold and fly some of our magnificent birds of prey to their fist, with the standard Gauntlet. Any guest who would like to take this opportunity are more than welcome to come to us and request that they take part. This is ideal for smaller groups of people.

Static Display and Flying Display

This option starts with a Static Display for all of your guests to observe these beautiful birds at close quarters. They will be able to take photographs and ask plenty of questions concerning the handling and welfare of these creatures, they can also ask questions concerning conservation of rare and endangered birds. We will follow with a flying display and will need a small sectioned off area to be able to allow the birds to fly freely. Between 3 & 6 birds will be flown, depending on the time, allowing your guests to understand the different flying styles of different species of birds. The Flying Display will have a full running commentary throughout. Approximate time for flying display is 40 minutes. This option is ideal for large groups of people.

Walkabout and Flying Display

This final option allows us to mingle with your guests while carrying a bird on the fist and allowing your guests to get up close and personal. Guests will not be able to hold a bird themselves with this option, but for many the experience of just being able to get so close to a Bird of Prey, is breathtaking. Once again, your guests can ask as many questions as they desire concerning conservation and the health and welfare of our birds. We will finish with a flying display as above.

Any one of these options is available at a cost of:

£350 + VAT= £420 (up to 25 miles from the centre)

£375 + VAT= £450 (26-50 miles)

£425 + VAT= £510 (51-75 miles)

£495+VAT=£594 (76-100 miles)

Over 100 miles please call for a quote. 
We have various teams of birds at work throughout the year and would not like to guarantee any particular species of bird for your event, but will be a selection of our Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles. If you would like to take a look at our different birds, please go to our gallery page. We hope this information helps you but if you have any further questions please contact us.

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