School Groups

As well as us visiting schools, we offer sessions for schools at the Falconry Centre, suitable for Year 3 and upwards. This will consist of an introductory talk on the birds and the centre. Pupils will then be able to walk around the centre and view the birds in the aviaries and the weatherings (birds on perches). They can also take photographs of the birds as well.

We will then fly the birds up close to the children and they will be able to ask us any questions about the birds. We will talk about the adaptations of birds of prey, their diet, habitat and habits in the wild. If you are currently doing a specific theme at school we can include references to it.

The timetable for the day visit to the centre is outlined below for 11am- 2pm, but we can be flexible on the times. Picnic benches and seating within the centre are available for lunch.

The timetable that we use has worked very well for other groups and is as follows:

11.00   Arrive and introductory talk.
11.15   The group can walk around the centre to see the birds under the supervision of their teachers.
11.45   Short flying display: we will fly 2 birds (Hawk and Owl) with an educational and informative talk.
12.15   Lunch
13.00   Main Flying Display (Hawks, Owls, Falcons and Eagles)
14.00   Depart

The cost of this session is £225+VAT. Pre-booking of these groups is essential. This is a set price and there is no minimum number of children, but the maximum limit of the centre is 60 children. The centre is all outdoors and therefore is only recommended in the summer months. This session is only available during school term time, not holidays or weekends.

For any other groups that are visiting the centre and do not wish to do the above format, flying displays are generally from 1pm each day and normal admission prices apply (please call check the centre before to check the display times on the day you plan to visit).

For any follow up work back at school there is a Conservation and Information section on this website.

Evening Displays

We are able to open the centre for private group in the evening- after 5pm when the centre closes. The group can consist of adults, children or a mix and can be of any size group; we have seating available for up to 50 people and standing room for up to 200. You will have the chance to walk around the centre followed by a flying display. During the flying display we will fly various birds such as eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. The birds will be flown very close to people and an informative commentary will be given about each bird. We have had groups such as Cubs, Brownies, WI, Rotary Club and even birthday parties. Pre-booking is essential.

Cost for evening private displays are:

One hour (15 minutes walk around followed by 45 minute flying display)- £95.

One and half hours (20 minutes walk around, followed by 70 minutes flying display)- £120

Two hours (20 minutes walk around, 70 minute flying display, followed by 30 minutes hands-on where people can have the opportunity to fly 2 of the smaller birds at the centre- group size maximum of 30 and minimum age of 12 years)- £200

(Please note that this is only available during summer months and flying display needs to finish an hour before dusk. Start time of no later than 7pm for the hour, 6.30 for one and half hours and 6pm for the 2 hour session)



Terms & Conditions apply - please Click Here to view. Purchase of any visitor's entry ticket, Group Visit, Experience, Sponsorship package and/or booking of any Outside Event confirms understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.